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Poet Redux Chapter 1
    Training was brutal, I thought my body was going to implode by the end of the first month, I endured, I had too, this is the one thing I had left to rely on, my past was behind me,nor would it have any relevance here, what mattered was the present and inevitable future. I was heading to the small home Nick was staying, this has been my home for the past month, serving basically as a bodyguard for the young "prince" as the older spirits called him, he seemed to dislike the title.
    "I'm back," I state entering the door, getting to work on dinner, Nicholas didn't know how to cook, he was useless, luckily I had some old recipes from some old friends and family, it was a habanero marinated chicken breast, a good balance of spicy, complimenting the normally dull taste of a baked chicken.
    "Took you long enough, I was getting worried, if you didn't come back from training, who would cook for me?" he remarked, getting out of his seat," seriously though,
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Game Story exert #1 Dark be the End
We stood at the gates of Kingdom of Darkness, where I watched as a phantom was chased by the demons that had taken control. Me and my team had intervened to save the Ghost.
He was once one of the warriors whose souls were corrupted by the empress upon their demise, now forced to wander the forsaken lands he uses the corrupted doom blades to help travelers to escape this foul location.
We were cut off by Zazim, guardian of the palace, which loomed upon the shadowed hills. Rune was calm-minded as he ever was,but Roland who had no past in this realm was flushed, all color had faded and his skin was as pale as his armor or the Glow of Phantom, as we call him.sweat dripped from his helmet and the ancestral relic he held flickered with little power as his courage was dwindling. Only Jakeer could help shake him out of his haze.
the words he said, "No monster is too great, Courage, Leadership, Unity, these are the qualities of a warrior, you taught me this Roland, don't go back on you
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Eye in the darkness by BenedictMysterius Eye in the darkness :iconbenedictmysterius:BenedictMysterius 2 1
The Gate
Two men walk to their crossroad,
to a time of darkness,
and to a place of light,
a Prince and his Guard take the forbidden path.
Two men stand at the gates of evil,
they cross the path of one man's devil,
standing in light of power
a Prince and his Guard are ready to fight.
Two men enter a palace of Flesh and bone,
the dead king raises his blade,
and then he falls,
The Guard has struck the final blow,
and the Prince is dead on the ground
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The Poet, Redux Chapter. 0
  My name is Blake, I am not the same as the one writing this story, I live in another world, another reality, the only connection we share is a past and a name. I became involved in the supernatural through death, like most do, I was invited into the spirit realms, specters like my self usually are not allowed into this plane.
  "Blake Bender?" someone asked, obviously male, I nodded, unaware of my death, "they told me you were coming, get up," he lifted me by my shoulders, examined me closely. he was around, as I would say, seven feet, he was bent over slightly, as at my death I was a measly five-eleven, still only a junior in high school, he wore black with the occasional white, and his hair had a white streak going through the bangs although didn't look a day over over 25.
  "come with me," gesturing forward, the gates were massive, as if they were designed to hold an army of beasts. I was following him through these gates unknowingly, I was still in awe when I did,
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DarkThorn by BenedictMysterius DarkThorn :iconbenedictmysterius:BenedictMysterius 2 0 Red's Bane by BenedictMysterius Red's Bane :iconbenedictmysterius:BenedictMysterius 3 2 The Bloodstone Blade by BenedictMysterius The Bloodstone Blade :iconbenedictmysterius:BenedictMysterius 0 0
Ballad of Windsaver the First
There was once an explorer,
Who went by Windsaver the First,
He travelled the stars searching for glory,
He went from world to world and found he was for.
He was the master of the spear
And no one could ignore,
He killed evil penguins,
And vanquished bandits at their home.
He was outcasted from his home,
and went to explore some more,
He died a hero's death,
Defending against the monsters of his home.
He left his only son,
The memories were still there,
Soon he grew and became Sir Windsaver the second.
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Covenant Line art by BenedictMysterius Covenant Line art :iconbenedictmysterius:BenedictMysterius 0 4 Boreal by BenedictMysterius Boreal :iconbenedictmysterius:BenedictMysterius 0 3 Bloodseeker, The Damned by BenedictMysterius Bloodseeker, The Damned :iconbenedictmysterius:BenedictMysterius 1 6 Pumpkin Halloween by BenedictMysterius Pumpkin Halloween :iconbenedictmysterius:BenedictMysterius 0 0
I am your serpent
I sing the confusion,
I cry out the chaos,
screaming all the madness that I ever would have known.
it's such a pleasure,
to be of service this evening,
butler for your protection,
more like a serial killer.
I serve you day and night,
being the best friend you'll ever have,
just to make your demise so much sweeter.
I just thought,
one more time,
why did it have to end,
with the waste of my life,
this is my last words,
I am your serpent.
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The Mighty have Fallen
I have been forgotten,
I have fallen,
Misery has taken it's toll on my mind.
I have become Hector of Troy,
A man of honor and benevolence,
Destined to be struck down by Achilles blade.
I have become Cyrano,
The poet with a hidden love,
Stricken down by my own pride.
I have become what I have feared the most,
A monster in the depths of  my mind,
A forgotten hero waiting to be judged,
I am Forgotten
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Blood on the Sands by BenedictMysterius Blood on the Sands :iconbenedictmysterius:BenedictMysterius 0 1


  • Listening to: Asylum-Disturbed
  • Reading: Inferno. Sherilynn Kenyon
  • Watching: 07 Ghost :D
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • Eating: Nothing....
  • Drinking: Coca-cola
>I've been doing stuff, you see the average poetry thing every now and then, 

I've been doing  a lot of sketch work swords, knives, even a cross bow cause why not half of them won't see the light of day, but I'm bringing back some old designs I did  that never made it to full design, 

some are gonna be really easy, some, really flipping difficult, I've also been working with people more, and they suck XD but I've just been browsing, and I think my mind is broken 

So yeah my story in a nut shell, I wanna shoot everything, then watch burn, then kill them all again, repeat:D


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Blake A. Bender, just call me Sharky
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Hey guys Sharky here.

Favorite artist here on the secret : too hard to choose XD

favorite Band: ^

Favorite music: rock and alternative mostly, some rap, and the rest metal XD

Gender: Male, Duh

Job: Bum, I'm broke, send me points (Don't XD)

Weapon of choice IRL: Baseball bat, aluminum

other weapon of choice: any weapon that starts with S.

believes: three virtues Balance Power and Madness.

Balance: everything has an equal

Power: everything is surpassed by another

Madness: nothing is perfect, there will always be a problem with the individual

Animal: Foxes, then wolves, then tigers, then sharks, and a few others.

best friend: TM, or tenebrum MYsterium, he's addicted to latin.

insanity level: It's OVER NINE 9000!!! (no i couldn't resist)


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